INSTA PARTY BOX | Print branded Instagram photos at any Event! 

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What is IPB?

So exactly what is the INSTA PARTY BOX (IPB)?

The INSTA PARTY BOX is a social media genius! No really, it has a knack for bringing people together and getting people excited about things! IPB will create an instant social media buzz around your event. Guest will take photos with the most popular photo app on the market, Instagram.  When people tag their photos with a specific hashtag (#) the IPB will find those photos and print them out.

…so how can I use IPB at my event?

Corporate events, product launches, concerts, parties, weddings, pretty much any social gathering will benefit from the INSTA PARTYT BOX! Use the IPB to draw people into a specific area to view and share their photos. The photos that print out if the IPB can be branded for any event with custom logos, messages, and designs. Add an Instagram Photographer and create a unique photo-op to take the IPB to the next level.

Trust me the INSTA PARTY BOX will be the life of the party!


Share the Fun!

Share the Fun!

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