JAMS | Events

When it comes time to throw a party or plan your event, don't forget to Invite the "Life of the Party!"...JAMS, of course, and our on-site photo printing. We can turn any event into a fun memorable time. From Red-Carpet photos, to custom branded photo-ops or any special occasion, photos are a great way to remember any event!

How does it all work?

At JAMS we use Canon DSLR cameras to capture the highest possible quality photos for your event.

JAMS will create unique photos for your event. With custom graphics, borders, and logos your guests will take home part of your event, not just another photo.

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JAMS on-site photo printers are Jammin'! We use the fastest photo printers on the market, giving your guests an awesome photographic print in just under 8 seconds. JAMS event photos are printed using dye-sub technology which is a dry process allowing the photos to be handled immediately. The photos are printed with a clear overlay that prevents fading, smudging and even fingerprints.

What else can you do? We'll the sky is the limit. If you can dream it, chances are we can make it happen. We can create a one of a kind experience for your event. We have iPad instant upload stations to create a social media buzz. We can help create custom sets and branded photo-ops to make your event memorable. We like a challenge, so give us your best shot!

Is it magic you ask? Some would say! With over 15 years in the event industry, we know how to make your guests happy with fast, high-quality photos that will surprise them and leave everyone wondering...

How do they do it!!!