5 Effective Tools for Small Businesses

Small Businesses

A lot of small business suffers from lack of management due to the absence of right management team. Strategic planning and management are necessary for any business to last longer in the market. Due to the small budgets and limited staff members, small businesses find it hard to stay side-by-side with the big organizations. The entrepreneurs should focus on learning about the tools that can help them manage their business better. While not all the tools available for automated management are affordable for every small business, a good time researching can provide really good options. Here are some useful tools that every small business needs today.

small business


Every business today needs an online presence that can get well established if there is a website for the business. Small businesses can find hiring a web developer expensive. On the other hand, Wix provides easy to use website builder that one can learn using while creating a website. One can receive endless features to customize their website at affordable prices. Wix helps its clients to build websites from scratch while also providing tools for the right analysis.


MailChimp has been operating for almost two decades to provide affordable email marketing solutions to all types of businesses. They help in creating emails, postcards, landing pages, and more for any business at affordable prices. Users can choose from different email templates to customize their message and send it to their network in simple steps. It can send up to 10,000 emails per month for free and 500,000/1.2 million emails per month in the paid version.


Trello is a great project management software that can help any business in solving high-level planning issues. Trello offers a flexible management tool for free. Businesses can create tasks and track their progress and workflow effectively. The toll is capable of managing files, links, dates, images, and more. It also has paid plan with added features and better storage. Due to its popularity, Trello is integrated with Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, other platforms.


Slack is a great communication tool that is used by some of the biggest organizations for communication. It is a real-time communicator of the teams that can help them collaborate better. Slack was developed to allow teams to create, discuss, and share ideas as well as files. It also offers tons of features, from creating polls to scheduling meetings, creating cloud storage, and productivity tools. Slack lets its users search for a conversation in easy ways no matter how old the conversation was. It has both free and paid versions.



Freshteam is a great HR tool that helps businesses in hiring and onboarding while managing information for all employees. It is simply the best tool for HR today due to its affordability and online management. It can perform tasks such as posting jobs, screening resumes, sending offer letters, and track the candidates. It is an easy tool to be used by small businesses that do not have the right HR team to manage their employee information.